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The Worley Fire Protection District will strive to provide fire suppression, rescue and emergency response, emergency medical transports, haz-mat response to the operation level, fire prevention, safety education and  extrication services in a safe and effective manner as possible with the resources available. 

Worley Fire Mission Statement

Volunteer Application

Volunteers are wanted and always welcome. Please click here to access applications for in-district and out-of-district. Must be 18 years of age or older. 


Burn permits are currently on HOLD for the week of 7/8-7/13

Thank you for visiting the Worley Fire Protection District website. It is our goal to deliver a quarterly update on programs, activities, Board actions, and pertinent information. I hope your visit will provide insight into the services that we provide.


As the Chief of the Worley Fire Protection District, it is my responsibility to ensure that the Fire District operates in an efficient manner. I am extremely proud of the members of this organization that provide critical services to ensure that your community is safe. Their pride, professionalism, and dedication are on display every day. Our firefighters are highly skilled, very motivated, and well trained to mitigate emergency incidents and exceed your expectations. We continually challenge our members to increase their skill set through training, education and finding alternate methods of improving our service delivery model.


Worley Fire Protection District faces new challenges every day as inflation and budget constraints become more prevalent. However, my commitment to our community remains the same, we will continue to deliver an excellent level of service. The members of the Worley Fire District truly care about our community. We are committed to continually improving our customer service performance while operating within our fiscal parameters. Whether you are a resident, working in our community or just visiting, you will receive our best effort every time we respond.

The Worley Fire Protection District is starting our second annual Fire Academy at Fire Station 1 from 4/3-5/18. We currently have 14 recruit firefighters enrolled in the Academy. Hosting a fire Academy will provide the Fire District with state certified firefighters that will fill a crucial role in the district.  Volunteer firefighters are critical to the mission of our Fire District. Currently, we are staffing a second station, Fire Station 4 on Rockford Bay Rd with resident volunteer firefighter/EMT's.  Volunteer firefighters are also on duty with the paid staff at our headquarters station to provide the district with four-person staffing. This staffing level ensures that we are able to respond to multiple incidents within the district. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all of our paid and volunteer staff for providing exceptional service to our community.  I would also like to thank the public who generously support our fire district by donating to the Worley Fire Foundation.  Your tax-deductible donations have a direct impact on our ability to purchase new apparatus, updated tools and equipment and new safety gear. Together, we are committed to the success of the district.    


Thank you for visiting our website.


Scott Campos, Fire Chief

Fire Chief's Message

Ready, Set, Go Evacuation Alert

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Monthly Newsletter

Commissioner's Regular Meeting 

July 30th @ 4:30pm

Commissioner Meetings

Station 1 sunset

Your Worley Firefighters placed the new Engine 41 in service recently. Engine 41 is a 2022 Fouts Brothers/Fouts Four mini-pumper with seating for four firefighters, 4 wheel drive, and a 1500 Gallon Per Minute pump. This apparatus is significantly smaller than other Type 1 Fire Engines which will allow your Worley Firefighters to access more remote and limited access areas with greater ease and safety.

Engine 41 carries:

- 300 gallons of water

- 15 gallons of Class A foam,

- A full compliment of rescue, EMS, and           firefighting equipment.

The hose lays include:

500' of pre-connected 1¾" attack line

200' of pre-connected 2½" attack line

800' of 4" supply line

200' of 2½" supply line

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