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Your Worley Firefighters placed the new Engine 41 in service last night. Engine 41 is a 2022 Fouts Brothers/Fouts Four mini-pumper with seating for four firefighters, 4 wheel drive, and a 1500 Gallon Per Minute pump. This apparatus is significantly smaller than other Type 1 Fire Engines which will allow your Worley Firefighters to access more remote and limited access areas with greater ease and safety.

Engine 41 carries:

-285 gallons of water

 -15 gallons of Class A foam,

-A full compliment of rescue, EMS, and firefighting equipment.


The hose lays include:

500' of pre-connected 1¾" attack line

200' of pre-connected 2½" attack line

800' of 4" supply line

200' of 2½" supply line

The Worley Fire Protection District will strive to provide fire suppression, rescue and emergency response, emergency medical transports, haz-mat response to the operation level, fire prevention, safety education and  extrication services in a safe and  effective manner as possible with the resources available. 

Worley Fire Mission Statement

May 10th through October 20th, Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) requires residents living outside of city limits to obtain a burn permit prior to starting controlled burn activities. Permits are also required for burning of slash piles or field burning.

Worley Fire District is hiring full time entry level Firefighter. Please hover over our employment tab for more information on the opening.

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Volunteer Application

Volunteers are wanted and always welcome. Please click here to access applications for in-district and out-of-district. Must be 18 years of age or older. 

Fire Chief's Message

I want to wish everyone in our community a very Happy New Year.  The Worley Fire District is committed to the preservation of life and property.  My number one goal is to improve our service delivery to our customers.  I am pleased to announce that we have expanded our daily staffing by adding one additional firefighter per shift.  It is my privilege to welcome Donavon Corsaro, Corey Nix and Kiefer Gibson to the Worley Fire family.   

We are also committed to improving our fleet of apparatus.  The Worley Fire Foundation has been approved by the IRS and is accepting donations.  The money raised by the foundation will be used to purchase new apparatus, tools and protective equipment for our firefighters.  For more information, email the foundation at


Thank you and Happy New Year. 


Scott Campos, Fire Chief

The Next Commissioner's Regular Meeting
will be on
January 31st @ 4:30PM

Commissioner Meetings

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