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In-District Volunteers

Out-Of-District Volunteers

Email your application to

Our volunteers take a lot of pride in serving their community in local events, public service calls, and emergency alarms. There is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after returning from an alarm.


Being a volunteer firefighter/emergency responder takes a lot of commitment. We custom tailor the training to fit your desires, as we understand that not everyone wants to run into a burning building or has the desire to respond to medical type alarms. With this customized training approach, you will be trained in areas that appeal to you. Everyone has talents that would be of benefit to the District and with the proper training, you too could experience that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after returning from an alarm.


Everyone learns at a different rate, with that being said, it’s very hard for us to tell you exactly when you would be trained and proficient in the areas of training you chose. Each new volunteer undergoes a 1 year probation period. During this probation period, your training would more than likely be completed. We currently conduct 2 training's a month, in the evenings, and ask that our volunteers maintain a 50% attendance record to these trainings.  Oh, by the way you are getting paid a small stipend for your training time and alarm responses.                                      


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